Our Missionaries
Brandon and Melinda Dockum
Even though the Protestant Church in Latin America has grown from 50,000 in 1900 to 90 million in 2014, most experience little change from self-destructive patterns that are prevelant in their culture.The result is little transformation into Christ-likeness and a Great Commission truncated so as to make discipleship an optional program for “super Christians.”
Brandon and Melinda believe God’s plan is to change that, and want to participate. They believe that we must do more than get people into heaven – we must get heaven into people. To break the enemy’s strongholds, ordinary people must live out God’s design. They envision communities of Latin Americans becoming full-grown, useful, and powerful agents of good just like Jesus (Eph 4).These communities become catalysts to transform their culture and beyond. God’s people here on earth can work with God to bring about great transformation that will last into eternity.

Teaming up with ProMETA, a regional leader in accessible distance seminary training, and local pastor, Esaú Bonilla, they are going to pilot a transformational discipleship certificate locally in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Alton Cothron
Alton grew up at EBC under the ministry of Pr. Sherman Miller and felt the call to missions at an early age. Along with others from EBC, he entered missionary training with New Tribes Mission in the fall of 1949 and went to Brazil in 1951. In July of 1952 he married Ebba Olson, also a missionary and they worked a total of fifty years in Brazil. They worked seventeen years with the Kaingang people of southern Brazil. This involved learning language, culture, doing literacy work, translation and church planting. They were then transferred to their Bible school in Brazil and worked twenty three years in teaching, counseling, administration, and other functions. This has been a very rewarding ministry. In 1992 they were moved to their field headquarters in East Brazil where Alton worked in the administration of the field, which was comprised of over two hundred missionaries, mostly Brazilian.

Although now classified as retired, Alton continues to be active in promoting missions, carrying on a large correspondence with missionaries and helping in a local church. He has done some translation work also. Academically he holds a BA from Rockmont College and a MDiv from Luther Rice Seminary.

Alton’s wife, Ebba, went home to be with the Lord on June 27th, 2017. 

Jim and Carolyn Mudge

Jim and Carolyn Mudge have served as advisors to the Roviana Language translation project since 1983. They worked with national translators and the Roviana people to complete the full Bible in 2017. Currently, Jim is helping Ezra Tupiti who is beginning a translation for the Hoava language.  Ezra is bilingual in both Roviana and Hoava and is using Roviana as an additional source text.

Jim works as a translation consultant for translation projects in the Solomon Islands with responsibility to check their quality prior to approval for print.
Maxine Morarie
Maxine’s ministry began in 1949, and her 32 years of ministry in Bolivia began in 1951. She is so grateful that for over 50 years she could walk through life and ministry with the love of her life, Howard Morarie, who finished his course on earth in 2004. Their work began among the Ayoré, a nomadic, warlike people who roamed the jungles of eastern Bolivia and the Gran Chaco area of Paraguay. They killed the first five New Tribes missionaries who attempted to contact them, and we came into the work shortly after a successful contact was made. Learning a formerly unwritten language, teaching the people to read, and translating the New Testament, and a large portion of the Old took many years. A people who once worshiped Asojna, a small owl that must be appeased or it would curse them, now worship the God who created the owl, and they relish having a God who blesses them. Inter-tribal warfare between the Ayoré of Bolivia and those of Paraguay has come to an end, and in it’s place, yearly Bible conferences.
In retirement, Maxine continues to do translation projects for the Ayoré people. When not at the computer working on materials for them, She enjoys ministering at the Boulder County Jail and seeing how the same Word that changed hearts in Bolivia change people here. My favorite verses are found in Malachi 3:16 &17. They mention God’s ‘scrapbooks’ where God records the words and deeds of those who speak often one to another about Him and think upon His Name! How thrilling to realize that many Ayoré names are entered there along with those of the women I reach in jail! Now that she has been blessed with many children and grandchildren, 
She feels deeply the need to model before them that Jesus is worthy of everything we can do to serve and magnify Him. 
Alan and Vickie Foster

Alan and Vickie serve with Ethnos360. The first 16 years of their missionary career were spent on a team in Bolivia befriending groups of the hostile jungle nomads now known as the Yuqui (you-key). Three groups of Yuqui have been settled and heard the Gospel message.

In 1987, God redirected Alan and Vickie to a city-based ministry in Bolivia with the Ethnos360 flight program. Alan maintained aircraft electronics (avionics); and helped fellow missionaries with other electronic needs. Constant requests for computer repair pushed Alan to broaden his skills, which in turn led to the couple’s current ministry, remote computer support for missionaries worldwide.

Warren and Carol Cheek

Warren and Carol have served as missionaries with UIM International since February 1985. Their ministry roles have included cross-cultural church planting and camping and a variety of administrative roles in Canada and the United States. They began serving as the International Representatives of UIM in June 2008 and continue to serve in this vital ministry role.

Since the fall of 2001 They have partnered closely with Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, WY. Over the years they have served on the faculty and staff (Warren: Fall 2001 – Fall 2005; Warren and Carol: May 2010 – August 2013).  In August 2017 they moved their home base from Central Oregon to LaGrange, Wyoming and we are again serving as adjunct faculty and staff members.   

They will continue to represent UIM and FSB a as they travel and minister in local churches and church associations, mission agencies and mission associations, Bible colleges, and Bible camps and camp associations throughout North America. Their children and grandchildren all live in Bend, Oregon. 

Paul and Helen Williamson

Paul received a BA degree at Montana Institute of the Bible and received a Master of Divinity at Grace Theological Seminary. Following seminary in 1983, Paul and Helen served churches in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  During his tenure in Pennsylvania Paul completed the work for his Doctor of Ministry Degree at Baptist Bible College/Seminary. Paul has taught in Bible Institutes in Ukraine as well as the Word of Life Bible Institute in the Philippines. He has also enjoyed the opportunity to preach in several churches both in the Ukraine and in the Philippines as well as speak at several Word of Life Conferences in the Philippines.

Paul and Helen left Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado in January of 2009 as Paul became the Director of Rockies Southwest Bible Church Extension.  As the Director of the mission he is responsible for oversight of the mission churches and missionary pastors, recruiting of new missionary pastors, assisting in evaluation of new church plant opportunities, raising funds for the mission, and serving the IFCA Rocky Mountain Regional churches in representation of the mission. Paul and Helen travel extensively throughout the regional in visiting churches, overseeing the mission’s church plants, and visiting colleges for contacts and recruitment.  They are the parents of four children. Mark and his wife Jennie live in Michigan. Michael (his twin brother) and his wife April live in Michigan. Mary and her husband Jay live in Waymart, PA and Matthew lives in Aurora, CO.  Paul and Helen enjoy the role of being grandparents to nine wonderful grandchildren.
Elaine Merrill

Elaine and her husband, Dar were first introduced to UIM International while working with a church in Arvada, CO. The church partnered with missionaries working with UIM. They served at that church for over 17 years before starting their own mission called AIMS (All Individual Ministering Services).

After Dar passed away, UIM asked Elaine to serve as a phone encourager for missionaries. Elaine’s phone calling program, encouraging others during difficult or unsettled times, continues to grow.  She speaks with many who need prayers, support in hard times or to help guide them to accept God into their lives.  She continues to write poems for others to help them through tough times or remember a friend who has gone to be with the Lord. For her, it is a true pleasure.

Elaine is active and spends time at women’s’ conferences and helping where she is able.  She attends church in Denver, Englewood and Arvada.  The conferences, she feels are energizing to because she is able to see others who serve the Lord and bring new people to the Lord. 

Mark and Bonnie Canady

Mark and Bonnie met at Western Bible College and upon graduation, after pursuing some different options for serving the Lord, Mark and Bonnie applied for Village Missions.  

Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital country churches in rural North America. We fulfill this aim by placing pastors in small town and rural churches that might otherwise have to close, and in doing so, preserve the Gospel presence in over 220 communities across the United States and Canada. 

They served in Livermore/Red Feather Lakes Colorado for nine years. Then Beaver Oregon for four years. A Church plant in Pacific City Oregon for fifteen years and then and Ten Mile Community Church for seven years. While at Ten Mile they were asked to become District Representatives for Village Missions and after prayerful consideration they agreed to serve the Lord in this position.

As District Representatives, Mark and Bonnie interact with missionaries and churches to ensure the best possible working relationship. They travel through their fields at least twice each year, meeting with church boards and congregations, and spending time with each missionary to train and encourage them.  Mark also visits Bible Colleges and Seminaries with a desire to find men with a passion to bring the Gospel into the mission field of rural America.  

Sara Graves

Sara assists in the USA Office of Action International, does Mission Representation and Mobilization of Missionary Applicants and still hosts missionaries in her home. She has three married children and ten grandchildren.

Marvin Graves joined New Tribes Mission in 1951. After his training in California, he met Sara at a youth camp in Nebraska. They were engaged before he left for the Philippines in May 1954. He and Filipino co-worker, Florentino Santos, were the first to open and pioneer the work among the Ilongot head-hunting tribe. God had incredibly prepared five men to accept God’s Good News in the first four months! Florentino and Marvin poured into their lives as well as to the children.  Many lives were changed!

After completing her third year of teaching, Sara took NTM’s training then sailed to Manila. They were married three weeks after her arrival in January 1956. They were asked to run the NTM guest home and mission business, so never returned to the tribe where Marvin had worked together with Florentino those 20 months before Sara’s arrival.  Florentino continued the work and later NTM linguist/translator/evangelists joined him.   During the years in Manila, Marvin helped establish CGM (Christ For Greater Manila) in 1961, out of which Action International Ministries was launched in 1974, reaching urban poor and street children. The Graves were in the first prayer meetings for a school for missionary children out of which Faith Academy was birthed. Sara taught fourth grade one and one-half years at its first location, then three years as librarian when the new school was built. Marvin was on the Faith Academy Board 12 years. He served many years as NTM Field leader and on the Board.

The Graves moved from Manila to Seattle in 1980. In 1981 they transferred from New Tribes to Action International Ministries, working in the ACTION office with Marvin being the ACTION USA Director for 17 years then Director of Recruitment & Representation. He served on the ACTION USA Board of Trustees 30+ years. Marvin passed into Glory in February, 2016.

Steve and Shan Lewis
Dr. Lewis has been in ministry for 40 years and is currently the President of 

Rocky Mountain Bible College & Rocky Mountain Seminary in Denver, CO. He and his wife, Shan have been missionaries with BEE World and has taught at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) in Amman, Jordan for the past 6 years.

Dr. Lewis has also taught in five seminaries and two colleges in the areas of Bible/Theology, Church History as well as Biblical Hebrew and NT Greek. He is passionately committed to the clear and simple message of God’s grace [when one shares the Gospel/the Message of life they should always remember three things:  It is always about Him (always believe/faith/trust in Jesus Christ—based on His Death and Resurrection); it must be simple enough for a child to understand and it must be consistent from Genesis through Revelation]  He has spoken at Awana Leadership Conferences for over 20 years and has taught Awana Commander’s College in three states. He and his wife Shan have two married children and three grandchildren. He spent 4 years in the US Navy and served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) with VA 97 while deployed off the coast of Vietnam in 1971-1972. Stephen has also has been blessed to be a senior pastor in two churches in California and has taught in Amman, Jordan, Singapore and Trinidad and Tobago over the years.

Rich and Merja Duke

For the past 20 years Rich and Merja Duke have welcomed international students in the Denver area through hospitality, friendship and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a natural fit for both Rich and Merja as Rich lived and ministered overseas for several years and Merja is a native of Finland. They both know what it means to experience culture shock and the importance of finding community in a newly adopted place of residence.

Taking time to build trust through genuine friendships has been key in the development of their ministry. The Dukes provide a number of opportunities for the foreigner who has made their home in Denver for a shorter or longer period of time. These include counseling, discipleship, mentoring, English conversation classes, a friendship program, special events and excursions and a regular dinner and Bible discussion meeting. All of this is done with the help and support of a committed group of American volunteers. 

Dan and Julie Fredericks

Dan graduated from Western Bible College of Denver in 1979 where he met his wife Julie. Both earned their Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies. Following Bible College, Dan and Julie entered their first pastoral ministry in Kansas, pastoring the Clough Valley Baptist Church of St. Francis, KS. After three years of ministry in Kansas, the Lord led Dan and Julie back to Colorado to serve as Minister of Youth at Englewood Bible Church.

In 1986 Dan received a surprising and privileged call from the Navajo Bible Church, in Fort Defiance, AZ, his place of physical and spiritual birth. Dan and Julie responded to the call and served for seven years. Dan also ministered to the Navajo Nation Police Department, providing police chaplaincy and jail ministry. He also developed a simple local church based ministry, God Bizaad Institute.

In 1993, United Indian Mission (UIM International) was in need of a U.S. Field Director for its growing U.S. ministry to Native Americans. This meant a move to Flagstaff, AZ, where Dan served in the UIM International administration. This move also provided the opportunity to work with other Native pastors and local churches, as well as part-time teaching at the Indian Bible College. Dan earned a Masters in Religious Studies through Southern California Bible College/Seminary, via a distance learning program. Dan currently serves as the Executive Director of UIM International. He has also served two local-church based ministries, including IFCA International and IMI/SOS International. 
Anna Foster

Anna and her family started attending Englewood Bible Church in 1951. Under the ministry of Sherm Miller, she accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. In 1952 her parents started missionary training in California with New Tribes Mission and in December 1954 they left the U.S., arriving in Bolivia in January 1955 as missionaries.

When Anna came back to Bolivia as a missionary (in 1973), she worked at field headquarters in Cochabamba handling the bookkeeping and printing until 1986. After Home Assignment from 1986-1987, God sent her to Tambo, the boarding school where she spent 10 years as a child. she taught Spanish and Music and several other things over the years as they were always short of teachers. In 2004 the mission sold Tambo to another mission and she moved to the city of Santa Cruz where she taught Spanish and ESL (English as a Second Language) for 8 years in an American school for missionary children (not a boarding school). After Home Assignment from 2012-2013 she was asked to move to Etnos, a missionary training center for Spanish speakers who feel called to plant churches in least reached people groups.

Her current ministry consists of translating updates that come from Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission) headquarters in the U.S. into Spanish for her Bolivian coworkers, translating news updates for coworkers, some from English to Spanish and some from Spanish to English, discipling and counseling their training center students and graduates of our training center who are now working in tribes and a myriad of other odds and ends.

Roger and Eva Jeane Dockum

Roger was born and raised in Colorado and hoped to work as a park ranger in beautiful country.  He had no plans to ever move out of beautiful Colorado.  Then he met Eva Jeane, a missionary kid from Bolivia. Eva Jeane had made a choice as a child to serve the Lord as a missionary.  She moved to Colorado to attend college.  Through the Intervarsity Christian group at college, she met Roger.  Over time they married.

Eva Jeane’s parents invited them down to Bolivia to their Chimane tribal station to help out for several months. Roger is so handy, he was a great blessing.  He also got a close up view of how important it was for someone to bring the gospel in the Chimane language to the Chimane people.  The Lord moved his heart to decide to become a missionary himself. 

So Roger and Eva Jeane took the Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission) training and served in Bolivia for 23 years.  Later they returned to the mission headquarters in Florida and that is where they serve now.  Roger works in the IT department helping missionaries with their computers.  (Computers are very necessary in Bible translation.) Eva Jeane writes Children Bible stories in Spanish and records them to be broadcast on radio stations in Bolivia.