Know Your Bible
It only takes about 72 hours to read the entire Bible aloud.
If we break that down, and divide 72 hours by 52 weeks, we come up with 83 minutes per week, to read the entire bible.
Dividing 83 minutes by 5 days per week, It takes less than 17 minutes per day, 5 days a week to read through your bible in one year, and that is reading it aloud. Most people can read to themselves about twice as fast as they can read aloud.
Knowing God’s word is what makes a Christian useful and able to function in their daily Christian walk. To that end here are some easy to follow bible reading plans. Just click the links below.
This plan is a relaxed month-by-month and season-by-season reading plan that gives the reader a good deal of flexibility in their reading times.
This is a 5 day a week plan with Old and New Testament reading each day. (Starts Jan 5 2020)
This is the reading plan Pastor Perkins will be following this year, if you would like to follow along. This plan does its best to follow along with the events of the bible as they happened, not necessarily according to their date of authorship. For instance you will jump from Gen 11 to Job 1, as the events of Jobs life are believed by most biblical scholars to have taken place before the call of Abram.
There are also dozens of Bible Apps with hundreds of different reading plans for whatever kind of phone, or tablet, or other electronic device you may have. Just pick one and follow through and you will be immensely rewarded.
Set aside some time each day to make bible reading your priority. For example, you could set your alarm 15 to 30 minutes earlier than usual and use that time to read, or use it as a good wind down routine each night before bed.
Don’t read just to read. There is no merit badge associated, no gold stars will be handed out.
Rather, seek to understand what the creator of the universe has written to you. To that end you should make sure that you are in fellowship (1 John 1:9) with God before reading His word to attain spiritual benefit as well.
Ask questions of the text, take time to write your questions down, circle, underline, highlight, note the margins of passages you want to know more about or comeback to later.
Sometimes reading aloud will bring a passage into clearer focus, especially poetic books and passages.
Read with a friend, read with your kids, read to your kids.