EBC Young Adults
Our young adult ministry exists to support the church in its mission to reach out to the community of Englewood.
This ministry is not about the church leadership and what they are going to do to help this church grow… this ministry is about the work that the Holy Spirit is doing and is going to do and how all of us are going to participate in His work for this community. This church has a faithful community and we believe that God wants to partner with us to accomplish great things for the city of Englewood and the greater Denver area. Please keep this ministry and this church in your prayers, we cannot accomplish anything without God’s hand guiding us.
Mission Statement
We strive to develop authentic community that will push us into a deeper relationship with Christ and will draw non-believers to an encounter with God.
 Core Values
We believe that God has asked us to be genuine in our relationship with him and with others. Authenticity leads to credibility.
We believe that the Christian walk is not to be done alone, but to be shared together with other believers in a rich and meaningful way.
We believe that God is the only one worthy of our praise and worship and we will actively seek to worship him in our lives.
We believe that joining in the mission of Christ is an essential aspect of our Christian journey and strive to be a light for the Gospel in this dark world.
We believe that love is the most essential way that we will build the community and demonstrate the Gospel.