Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:
  1. To Celebrate and Worship God!
  2. To Introduce People to Jesus!
  3. To Nurture Believers to Fully Follow Jesus Christ
What kind of Church are we? 
We are a local, autonomous congregation.  At Englewood Bible Church we believe church is more than a building, a place, or something we do on Sundays. Church is all about people having their lives changed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each and every one of us deals with difficulties, hardships, and questions that are sometimes tough to handle. We know that Christ can make a difference in our families, our work, our children, our marriages, and in everything we do. Therefore, we rely on God’s word for help in dealing with every issue we face. When you attend Englewood Bible Church, you will hear a relevant message straight from God’s Word that will meet you at the point of your everyday life. Our priority begins with helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and then equipping them to share God’s love through serving others. 

Come expecting a time of worship and fellowship, anticipating a message from God. Expect to be greeted by friendly people who sincerely care about you. Expect to praise and worship the Lord with both hymns and praise music and expect to hear a message from God’s Word that is relevant to you.

Wondering what to wear? People attend our services wearing everything from blue jeans to suits & ties for guys and slacks to dresses for the ladies. All we ask is that clothing be modest and that no t-shirts with inappropriate slogans, etc. be worn.