1st Annual Shepherding Conference a Rousing Success.

This was a fantastic conference.  We at EBC extend a heartfelt thanks to all the conference speakers. Also, a special thanks to all the support staff that are so necessary to putting on any event like this.
Dr. Kibbe presented two excellent presentations. The first concerning the the testing, trials and triumphs of Moses, and how pastors and believers in general can learn from all three. Secondly he illustrated the ways in which Paul varied his teaching and presentation based on his audience.
Pastor Geraci gave poignant examples of Peter’s maturation process and his pure desire to edify his flock from all dangers. He followed that with a thought provoking presentation on a pastor’s leadership role and three important points all sermons should include.
Dr. Lewis guided us through an overview of Pauline teachings and his shepherding style.
Dr. Cone went over several example of how The Lord Jesus covered the whole panoply of scripture in His teachings, and His ability to change style depending on the size of his audience.  Dr. Cone then related that it is every believer’s job to minister to those around us and that we can all serve no matter our gifts.
All presentations are on the EBC Facebook Site. https://www.facebook.com/EnglewoodBibleChurch/