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Letter from Maxine Morarie – October 2017

Hi all,

Ethnos360 celebrates our 75th year as a mission… (formerly called New Tribes Mission), so I decided to get on the bandwagon and share some of the early pictures I have from our early years in Tobité, the little village/camp where we spent 20 years “pioneering!” The picture above shows our friend Degúi (Day-goo-ee) in his jaguar skin headdress, with the black charcoal lines we saw on the men’s faces when they first came out of the jungles. When they went off to war with other groups, they would paint most of their bodies black as well – and often their chests were covered with the downy, white feathers of birds.

I’m so grateful for my sending church, Englewood Bible Church, that also had a name change – it was Englewood First Christian Church when they first decided to send us out in 1951! That church still contributes to my support. And since then, many supporters have come and gone, but God has never forgotten us. One of the early teachings we received in our training with New Tribes Mission was that God was our employer, and he would speak to the hearts of his people to help us with support and that we shouldn’t give that much thought! In all these years we’ve seen that is true… and you who are supporting me today have done so as God led you, surprising me with how you stepped in and did what God asked you to do, even though we have trusted our Employer alone and have waited on him to meet our needs. Bless you! And KNOW that any souls that have been saved over the years – are souls YOU have invested in!

I thank the Lord for those who have trusted me to finish the jobs that take years to complete: the first long one, the New Testament, and much of the Old Testament for the Ayoré people! I’m thrilled that it is undergoing some revision now, and soon the Ayoré will have a new edition of Scripture to the Glory of God. Please pray for my co-workers, Bruce and Alice Higham as they work diligently on this project and for the Ayoré who are assisting them. I can hardly wait to see it finished. What a privilege to see the church functioning in the two countries where Ayorés once roamed the jungles worshiping a little night owl, and calling the unknown God,


(The One Above Us). Some thought that the SUN was God, but with the Scripture in their language, they now know that the SON is GOD.

The dictionaries Ayoré/Spanish, and Ayoré/English versions – another very long project!

And now, what I call,

The Online Project!  This resource for the Ayoré will give them Sermons, Bible lessons, History of their Own People, Myths and Legends, Hymns, Scripture, and More.

No longer will they wonder where to access these helps, they’ll only need a computer – and yes, they are fast acquiring phones and other electronics, especially those living near cites. In fact, the recordings I made of the New Testament and some of the Old, are now on many of their phones, along with the Jesus Film that I was hard at work on this time last year. At first the Ayoré were those I had as an audience for this project, and then, I thought, “Why not translate everything to English and Spanish so that other’s can learn about this diverse and interesting tribal people!  And that is what has made this another LONG project – and you have trusted me with this.

Please be in prayer for me – that GOD will speak to someone’s heart to design the Website: Ayoré.com. I have been saving up for this last step, and soon will have everything ready to put into that person’s hands to get it up and running. If you know of anyone, please let me know.

I asked you to pray for more volunteers for the women’s ministry in Boulder County Jail – and the Lord answered that pray! As of now I have Dianne and Audrey, and if they hang in there with me that makes it possible for me to go in twice a month. Once with Dianne, and once with Audrey. If you are not receiving the reports and inmate prayer request via email, just let me know, and send me your email address, and I’ll make sure you get them:


May God help us all to ‘finish well’ as we serve Him together – prayer with praise being the most vital thing we do.

Love in Jesus,



Update from Alton Cothron – October 2017

Dear Friends at EBC:

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from one of my Brazilian colleagues who began his letter with the following thoughts which I have translated from Portuguese to English in order to share them with you.  He began with the following verse from Paul´s letter,

“In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, whom ye shine as lights in the world”.  Philippians 2:15b

“We are living in times of darkness to the extent that our institutions such as the family, the church and the nation have been found to be discredited. In the church, in part, the scene is one of a ministerial business, the commercialization of souls, illicit wealth, the exploitation of the trust of the people plus other lapses in proper function. Our governing bodies reflect more the end of things rather than good beginnings, we see shameful policies, the manipulation of law and justice for personal benefit.  In the center of all this we find the family institution soft, loose, lacking paternal maturity or responsible maternity, children are lost in the streets and there is little hope they will be a shining heritage for the next generation.”   

Yet it is in the kind of context just described that we as God’s people (missionaries) must shine as lights. Believers from ethnic groups (tribes) are shining. Last week in an email from another colleague came this example.  At the close of a church service with a group of Kaingang believers one man stood up and admonished the others present with this thought: A car without gasoline can’t go anywhere, so likewise we as Christians without God’s Word working in our lives are also unable to do anything.  Pray for Valdir as he and his wife attempt to share God’s message with the widely scattered groups of Kaingang people.

Today I met for the third time with a young man  who  is struggling with several issues. He is open and is seeking ways to follow God’s will for his life. This week I will be teaching a Bible study as well. I enjoy these ministry opportunities.

Well, the trip to Colorado, I mentioned previously, is now history. It was a busy but very profitable time and Beatriz, Derly and myself were able to see many friends, relatives as well as participate in several events. My sister is not doing very well but she perked up some while we were there.

I am always so mindful of God’s goodness and this includes your prayers and financial support. For the month of September I received via Ehnos360 (NTM) $80.00.

                                                                        By His Grace,

                                                                        Alton Cothron 


Update from Alton Cothron – September 2017

Greetings to all:
My daughter, my son and myself are thankful to the Lord for the good trip we had to Colorado and back and for the profitable time we had while there. I only wish I could have had more time with the folk at EBC but perhaps at another date that will be possible.
I want to thank, once again, EBC for it´s continued prayer and financial support. For August I received $80.00.
Alton Cothron


Newsletter from Brandon and Melinda Dockum – September 2017




You come to mind, inspiring gratitude to God for the company of majestic ones God has raised up (Ps 16:3). How you’ve sacrificed money from your salary, time from your schedule, including by reading and praying. You’ve even given us your blessing to move far away from many of you to the other side of the world to join in what God invited us to do.


Sitting across the table from Pastor Esaú in March, I marveled at what he was saying and why partnering with him was a good fit for us:
In terms of discipleship here in Latin America, we must overcome a great deal of resistance and barriers. I believe discipleship is actually not a program as most commonly thought. Rather it is the foundation upon which the whole church functions. It’s the very life that sustains the church. …one of the objectives [of the proposed discipleship training] should be formation – who a person is. Discipleship is the foundation from which all ministry springs. If you only manage to change this one paradigm, you will have accomplished something significant.
Dr. Dahlin’s research overwhelmingly indicated the need to develop relationships and appeal to “gatekeepers,” people like Pastor Esaú. Rather than competing with local churches and their leadership, we plan to involve them in the development, implementation, and promotion of this learning experience.


Saturday night, I sat glued to my phone, texting madly (quickly) for an hour with Frayzer, Pastor Esaú’s grown son, an electrical engineer and associate pastor. He was cluing me in to the best places to rent and visit near Cartago, Costa Rica. We are relying on Frayzer and many others to help us. We are so thankful for all the people like you who are partnering with us in praying and giving. We will continue to lean on the Lord and all of you as we go through the steps of applying for visas, driver’s licenses, a vehicle, furniture, appliances, and even friendships. (Did you know that with the Whatsapp app, you can call, text or even video chat with someone overseas for free? P.S. our phone numbers will be changing (but not emails), so stay tuned for that.


As a family we have struggled this last month with sleep. This last week, as we have begun having more success with our youngest sleeping longer periods at night, our oldest suddenly started waking up in the middle of the night.


-Praise God for Melinda’s solo experience counseling where she is able to practice what she has been preparing for! “Sometimes I have no idea who or what I will encounter in a session. It’s scary! But God continues to build my trust in Him for the right things to say, pray, and do. He is teaching me so much about Himself, His people, and myself! The Pastor of Care is also a source of great wisdom and encouragement!” 

-Pray for grace with the many different (physical, psychological, financial, governmental, spiritual, and relational) aspects of the process of our family’s relocation to Latin America, with tickets in hand for the beginning of November.

-Praise for more financial support coming in this month! We think we are $400/month short of being permitted to leave! Pray for the last bit of financial support, and our one time visa costs of $2700 for our family and other resettling costs: vehicle ~ $6-14k, furniture and appliances $2k.

Become a Discipleship Partner


Brandon, Melinda & the Little Ones


Update about Hurricane Irma from Anna Foster – September 2017

Thank you for praying for my mission’s international headquarters and retirement community during Hurricane Irma. Everyone I have heard from so far weathered the storm with only minor damage. Many are still without electricity and some have lost everything from their fridges and freezers but, considering some of the things that could have happened, that is minimal. I have heard of no loss of life of anyone I know.
Several of my friends posted photos on Facebook of the rainbow that appeared after the storm passed, and one added this verse to her photo, which brought tears to my eyes: “When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, and I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures. Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life. When I see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth.” Genesis 9:14-16


Letter from Anna Foster – September, 2017

Would you please take a few moments to pray for my mission’s international headquarters as well as our retirement community in Sanford, Florida. They are in the projected path of Hurricane Irma and are preparing for that to hit. They are not required to evacuate but a few of them have. However, the majority plan to stay where they are.
Also, I would appreciate prayer for myself. I have been sick for over a week so have gotten no dental work done and no sorting and packing. I’m starting to feel a little better and am slowly getting my strength back but still have a bad cough, no energy and a few other problems.
Our third year students are in their final semester of the training and will be graduating in December. They are in an Ayoré community for 10 weeks getting some first-hand experience putting into practice the things they have been learning in the training. This part of the training is called CLA (Culture and Language Acquisition). They learn how to build relationships with people of another language and culture and also spend time trying to learn some of their language and culture so that they will get an idea of what it will be like in a possible future ministry if God leads them to an unreached people group. Some of our first year students and staff, as well as the teacher of the CLA class, have been out to visit them to make sure they’re doing okay.
Jilmer, one of the third year students, called us on Thursday to say his 2 year old son had an eye infection so Betzayda, his wife, was bringing him to the city on Friday to see an eye doctor and Jilmer would stay in Poza Verde (the Ayoré community where they’re living) with their one year old daughter. The next day Jilmer called back and said one of their new Ayoré friends had told them about an eye doctor in a nearby village, and had also hired and paid for a motorcycle taxi for them so they could take Daniel to the eye doctor. They found out he has conjunctivitis and were able to buy medicine for him so they didn’t need to come to the city after all. It sounds like they’re bonding with the Ayorés. What a blessing!
I was hoping to be in the U.S. by now but, obviously, God’s time table is different than mine. I need wisdom to know how to continue preparing for my trip and when I should leave.
Thank you for your faithful love, prayers, financial help and the many emails, cards, letters and Facebook messages. You are a continual blessing and encouragement to me.
With love,


Letter From Rich and Merja Duke – September 2017

Dear Friends,
“Teach us oh Lord to number our days that we might present to you a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90:12
As we move from one busy season (summer) to another busy season (fall), we are aware of how precious time is and how we need wisdom to use the time God has given us. We seek to use our time in a constructive and strategic manner and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading day by day. 
Trip to Lebanon
Rich was blessed with the opportunity to take a team to Lebanon and come alongside the local church to assist in ministry to Syrian refugees in four areas of the country. Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible through your generous gifts and your prayers.
Here are some of the highlights:
– Meeting many people who were formerly Muslims that have come to Christ for salvation and hearing miraculous stories of God’s work in their lives.
– Working with Syrian refugee children at a vacation Bible school.
– All four of our team members having the opportunity to preach and teach the word of God to seekers and new believers in churches around Lebanon.
– Praying for many people who were in need of physical healing.
– Sharing the gospel and distributing gospel literature among the people on the streets of Beirut.
– Riding a chartered bus to church that was packed with Syrian refugees eager to hear God’s word.
We would love to share more about this trip through pictures and stories. We can also send you a copy of the more in depth report. If you would like to set up a time to meet or receive a copy of the report, please contact us.
Dinner/Bible study
Our regular Bible study meeting started meeting this last week after a two-month break. We had a great turnout (about 20 adults and 15 children) as everyone seemed eager to be together and learn from the Bible.
Our Bible study series for the next several months is “The People Series – lessons learned from the people of scripture.”  We will be looking at both good and bad examples of people in the Bible and what lessons we can learn from their lives.
One of the main goals for the group this year was to have the people in the group take on areas of responsibility. We are making good progress as the following areas are now being led by people in the group:
– food organization
– trip and event planning
– website development and maintenance
– childcare
– prayer
– challenges (Bible memorization etc.)
There are still several areas that need leadership and we are trusting God to provide people to fill those roles.
Lausanne ISM Global Leadership Forum
Rich will be attending conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. It will be an opportunity to meet people from around the world that are reaching out to international students with the gospel. Together we will be sharing what God is doing through the various ministries represented (Rich is representing Horizons International). We all be discussing strategies for ministry, leadership development and in general how to use the platform of international student ministry to see more international students reached with the gospel. Here is a request for prayer from the conference organizer:
“Please ask your prayer network to be holding us all up in prayer for the Lord’s protection and provision, guidance and wisdom, anointing and blessing, and the needs of final preparations, volunteers, traveling mercies for all, and good weather (and diversion of any storm/hurricane away from the East Coast of the U.S).”
Prayer Requests
– Please pray for the growth of several international student believers that are young in their faith. Pray that Rich would have wisdom as he disciples them. Pray for their growth as they attend the regular Bible study we host and take on more responsibility in that context.
– Please pray for the internationals that have been attending our dinner and Bible study for a while – that they would see their need to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and receive the salvation He offers.
– Pray that our relationship with a number of ESL schools in the Denver area would stay strong and that we would continue to find favor with them so that we can continue to reach out to the students in these schools. 
– Pray for us to have wisdom as we pursue new and different avenues of reaching out to international students, immigrants and refugees in the Denver area. 
– Pray for Rich as he attends the Lusanne conference in Charlotte for those working among international students around the world. 
Thank you for standing with us!
Rich and Merja
Home Address:
3105 W. Bear Creek Dr.
Englewood, CO 80110